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Get Organized

Students receive help in organizing, prioritizing, and managing course work. Students will also be able to monitor missing assignments and daily homework.


Agendas play a vital role in middle school success. Each day students fill out their agendas by writing in assignments from each class. During academic assist (AA), they check their agendas for those assignments and begin working on them.

Trapper & Folders

All students, grades 6-8, are encouraged to follow a school-wide organizational system. Each student should use, and take to each class, a trapper. Inside the trapper, students can keep color coded folders, spirals, agenda and writing supplies. Each color folder represents a different subject: red= social studies, blue=math, yellow=language arts and green=science.

Team Websties

Check out the team websites for homework assignments and special announcements. Team links can be found on the middle school main webpage BGMS Main Page