Attention BG Staff and Students:  

Your attempt to change your BGCS Google password was unsuccessful. Please read below for an explanation and for instructions to change your Google password.

BG Schools Password Sync

BG Staff and Students:

On August 3, 2015 we initiated a password sync between our BG school computer accounts and Google accounts. That means that if you change your computer password, your Google password will automatically syncronize and become the same password as your computer password. That also means that you cannot change your Google password through your Google account. You must change your passwords through your computer account which will syncronize them.

Why? A number of staff and students whose computer and Google passwords are different from each other have had difficulty remembering their passwords. By syncing passwords, more users will remember passwords and have uninterrupted access to their accounts. 

If you have questions, please feel free to ask.

Beth Krolak
District Technology Coordinator.

Passphrases as Passwords

Securing online accounts that may contain private information of students is a priority. Please be sure you are making responsible decisions about how you are securing your accounts.

The best password is a long password but can be hard to remember. The solution is a passphrase. A passphrase is simply a phrase or sentence used as a password. For example, zxcv1234 is a good 8 character password, but idonotlikegreeneggsandhamsamiam or iworkatbghs530westpoeroad are very secure and easy to remember… and also very difficult for students to learn by watching your fingers.